Which Of The Following Is Not A Major River Of Southeast Asia?

What are the major rivers of Southeast Asia?

Mainland Southeast Asia is drained by five major river systems, which from west to east are the Irrawaddy, Salween, Chao Phraya, Mekong, and Red rivers. The three largest systems—the Irrawaddy, Salween, and Mekong—have their origins in the Plateau of Tibet.

Which of the following are major rivers in Southeast Asia quizlet?

The mainland has five major rivers: the Mekong (sometimes called the Danube of Southeast Asia), the Red River, the Irrawaddy, the Salween, and the Chao Phraya.

What is the most important river in Southeast Asia?

The Mekong, Southeast Asia’s most important river, has for millennia supported the rise and fall of empires and is responsible for the livelihood of over 65 million people who live directly on its riverbanks, relying on the river for food, accommodation and employment.

Which is the largest river of Asia?

Yangtze River, Chinese (Pinyin) Chang Jiang or (Wade-Giles romanization) Ch’ang Chiang, longest river in both China and Asia and third longest river in the world, with a length of 3,915 miles (6,300 km).

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Which is biggest river in the world?

Here is a list of five longest rivers of the world

  • Nile River: The longest river in the world. Nile River: the longest river in the world (Image: 10mosttoday)
  • Amazon River: Second longest and the largest by water flow. Amazon River (Image: 10mosttoday)
  • Yangtze River: The longest river in Asia.
  • Mississippi-Missouri.
  • Yenisei.

What is the 7th longest river in Asia?

Ob River Ob river ranks 7th and is one of the longest Rivers in Asia. It has a length of 3,650 km(2,268 miles). It is situated in Russia and is the world’s 7th longest river.

Which is longest river of India?

At over three thousand kilometers long, the Indus is the longest river of India. It originates in Tibet from Lake Mansarovar before flowing through the regions of Ladakh and Punjab, joining the Arabian Sea at Pakistan’s Karachi port.

Which river does not flow through Asia?

Which of following river does not flow through Assam state of India? The Mekong is a trans-boundary river in Southeast Asia.It rises from the Tibetan Plateau the river runs through China’s Yunnan province, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.It does not enters India.

How many rivers are in South Asia?

This water flows through twenty major rivers which have sustained the civilizations and economies of South Asian countries over the past millennia.

What are the four major rivers of Southeast Asia?

What are the four major rivers in Southeast Asia? The Irrawaddy, Mekong, Chao Phraya, and Hong.

What are the main resources of Southeast Asia quizlet?

Marine life, plenty of water, fertile valleys, timber, minerals, geothermal energy, and petroleum reserves are among the wealth of natural resources available in Southeast Asia.

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What is Southeast Asia made up most of quizlet?

The southeast Asia region is made up of two peninsulas and two large island groups. The Malay and Indochina Peninsula and the Philippines and the Malay archipelago. In the Mainland there are many rugged mountains that stretch across Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam.